Keith Dewey presented me with one one of the first examples of a container home. As an architect-builder and an earlier adopter of container home design, Keith had the audacity to drop a container home off at the Pacific National Exhibition — a yearly event held in Vancouver Canada — to the delight and curiosity of the throngs who attended the event.

On the walls of the container were fastened tables, chairs, and designs for other possible configurations of container home spaces. People gravitated towards this big blue box — an anomaly for the PNE.

His plan in bringing this spacious but portable home to the people was to provoke curiosity and wonderment. What’s more, Keith Dewey inspired conversation — where and how to get one’s hands on a container, its possible uses, the viability of living in such a space… Keith began feeding an appetite for container homes before people even knew they were hungry.

He knew it. …and I knew it.