When you build a shipping container home, support from a few people in your life will become more valuable than the support of many.

Folks who build with containers, I find to be principled folks.


They are action-oriented, often early-adopters of new technology and ideas.

Container home builders understand the uniqueness of these boxes and the economic, ecological and design gains that are to be had.


Many times these unique builders venture out beyond what popular society would dare endeavour to do.  

So here’s the advice for new and intrepid container home builders: surround yourself with a few mentors that you respect before you embark on your creative (and challenging) adventure.


They may be builders themselves or someone completely unrelated to building homes. But it’s important to have a council of trusted advisors who are not afraid of telling you the truth as they see it. Who care about you enough to tell you the truth.

Listen to them and think carefully about their feedback.


Sometimes they will say things that you disagree with. Sometimes you may feel hurt by the reality they are poking at you and that you know deep down you need to face. But without perspectives beyond your own, without critical input into your thinking processes, and without people who care enough about you to struggle with you for the discovery of the real solution to a problem along the way, you will be more prone to costly mistakes and potential failure.


Look for people who are interested in supporting you in building [b]you[/b] toward your potential. Ultimately, the container home project will be a means toward that end, a rite of passage on the journey of life towards your dreams and potential.


We need these sort of compassionately and brutally honest people in our lives in order to make important visions come to life.


If you want someone to talk to and potentially even a coach who has been there and done that, *reach out* to me, Christoph “The Fox” Kesting. No obligations. I’d like to hear you out on your container home building plans and steer you in the right direction if I can. Or check out *my book* to learn more about my adventure of building a container home and the many people it took to make it happen.


Or, take a look at the container home I built, affectionately called the *”FoxDen”*.  In September, I host an annual container house festival on location.  Perhaps you’d like to sleep in the FoxDen this September?