A builder in Turkey bought *my book* and is currently in the process of constructing a shipping container home similar to the one I built – a *”Foxden”* – for himself and his family.

Here is his son and daughter with with their dog who’s name is ‘Radar’.


His dedication is an inspiration to us at . As a result, I am donating 10% of all sales of my book to support his initiative and to assist his family with building costs. Currently, however, construction on his container home has been temporarily halted due to a surge in refugees and the overwhelming needs of a population in transition.

Which brings to mind another very real way in which containers can be used:

Shipping container homes present global society with a safe, secure, economical, ecological and humane way to address the housing demands emerging from the global refugee situation.

To be able to respectfully respond to the needs of a large group of people displaced from their homes is both a gift and a responsibility. And a container home allows for that.


This is a call to action for those who have the ability and means to bring container homes as a viable housing solution to people who are in situations of serious crisis. It’s time to *get inspired* by the possibilities presented by shipping container homes. It’s time to help others achieve their most basic need: a home.