There are several simple and effective ways to reduce construction costs of container homes.  First, get involved in the building process. Take risks and do-it-yourself as much as possible. For that, *get my book* and learn from my mistakes. A small investment could save you thousands over the long-term. Find a good architect and other industry professionals to work with. Their knowledge and experience can save you time in the planning phase. Collaborate with the building code/zoning authority in your local area and ask for ways to legally expedite the approval process.

Plan carefully and choreograph the process on paper/computer before taking action on the building site. Learn and apply *project management* principles so that you can manage the building schedule, the budget and the scope of the project so that it stays within your targets. For keeping track of costs, I highly recommend the *iXpense It app* available on the App store (for Android, check *these alternatives*). I used it daily to help map out my expenses and attend to potential outlays.