The hidden costs of building a shipping container home

While building a shipping container home mostly presents a range of *hidden savings* there are of course costs associated with it, and some that are unique to this kind of construction.  Being informed about these costs will help you to avoid them. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Unique Construction

Building a container home is not carried out according to a typical construction process. Its uniqueness may result in a more pricey total construction cost. The novelty aspect can bring additional costs, especially for a builder or a DIY-er who is navigating the process for the first time.

Managing Moisture

Managing moisture in a container home may present an added cost to the builder, owing to its steel construction. Air returns have to be carefully considered and air exchange units must be installed to ensure the container stays dry.

Zoning Costs

When planning a container home, consider both the extra time required and possible fees to be paid in order to meet the zoning requirements and have the process approved.

Moving the Home

One of the benefits as well as hidden costs of having a container home is the cost to move it. Once constructed, you can simply leave the container home in place. But getting the empty containers to your lot or moving them after can cost between $200 and $600 per hour.
Plan carefully to minimize container moving costs. Avoid going for the first mover you find who is willing and able to do the job. Do your research by getting several estimates from movers before choosing the one that best fits your budget.