2 bedroom container house unit

This is a sort of container home floor plan design which we may be seeing the Vancouver Affordable Housing Association incorporating into their projects in the next few months.  It strikes me as a simple, straight-ahead approach to providing social justice housing and affordable housing to folks here at home.

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Zigloo in British Colombia

Keith Dewey presented me with one one of the first examples of a container home. As an architect-builder and an earlier adopter of container home design, Keith had the audacity to drop a container home off at the Pacific National Exhibition — a yearly event held in Vancouver Canada — to the delight and curiosity…

Vancouver: Social justice housing

Vancouver builders and social activists saw the potential of container homes in meeting the needs of a vulnerable population. The Atira women’s shelter in downtown Vancouver houses women at risk and their children. Twelve units have been assembled with private sleeping quarters and communal living spaces, allowing the residents both privacy and community — but…