The FoxBox Container House Kit

What is it?

This container home product is the world’s only off-grid and carbon neutral container house that you and a couple of friends can build in under 6 weeks.  It’s unique, hand-made, eco and affordable.

Contains everything you need to build your own container home.  From flooring to kitchen sink. From solar panel to a masonry stove. Siding, insulation and plumbing, composting toilet.  All materials, components and a step-by-step guide book are packaged in an orderly fashion inside the container.  Assembly, tools and a Do-It-Ourselves attitude are required.

As a container house company, we are happy to promote and encourage the carbon-neutral container home movement through ongoing support of our partners and customers.  Both phone-service and in-person service are available to our customers and builders can access contractors on-call.

A FoxBox affords customers access into the housing market.  And allows them access to the joy of building their own home.  Living lightly is freeing. Having a container house that you can rent out on Air B&B sure doesn’t hurt either.

You can expect three weeks’ turnaround time from purchase to being shipped.  Expect one to two weeks for shipping depending on location. First 200 kilometres of shipping are free.

We’d love to walk you through the process.  It’s an amazing journey to build your own home.
Let’s begin today.

To explore options, complete the FoxBox Order Form. You will be contacted within 24 hours of submission of the form to answer questions and to talk through the details.

And as always, do not hesitate to contact me through my contact page.


FoxSaddle 2

FoxSaddles are designed so that your shipping container does not
slide off its foundation. They are modified to fit any size of shipping container.

FoxSaddles are prefabricated metal sections that connect your shipping container to its foundation.  Using these saddles and pier footings, your container is sure not to slowly sink or heave with frost. This means you feel confident knowing your investment won’t be slowly burying itself. 

Installation instructions included in the purchase of a set of FoxSaddles. Purchase includes 8, 6-inch steel blocks for blocking/shimming.  Shipping is included as well.

FoxSaddles are key to making your container a home and a sturdy-fixture in a hill or landscape.


FoxClips 2

FoxClips connect walls onto the outside of your shipping container.  They enable the walls to be taken off and put back on.  With FoxClips folks can build simpler wood-framed walls which can be easily insulated and can be easily sided to one’s needs and preferences.


A set of 23 FoxClips includes a one-page installation guide.  The cost for shipping is included.