Current Projects

The Haliburton

the haliburton accessible container home plans

The Haliburton is a 3-container wheel-chair accessible cottage being built in Haliburton, Ontario. It features wide open spaces to facilitate movement, conversation and community. The full-sized windows bring in plenty of light and ensure the homeowners make the most of the spectacular view. Partially buried, this container home will be both insulated by the earth and naturalized into its unique and beautiful forested environment.

The Superior

the superior container home blueprints

The Superior is a multi-unit housing project underway in Kitchener-Waterloo. Originally created for use as student housing, the Superior is one of a set of 5 containers that are combined to create one warm and hospitable dorm-like structure. Seniors’ residences are being considered and configured in this same way, with individual sleeping quarters and private bathrooms and a communal kitchen and shared living spaces. This projects represents the real potential of building with shipping containers — the ability to flexibly combine containers to create economical housing.

DreamBuild Facility

the dreambuild container house fabrication facility

The DreamBuild Facility is located on the outskirts of Kitchener, Ontario. In the factory, we are in the process of streamlining the design and construction of container houses. Prefabrication keeps costs low and decreases turn-around time. We are excited at the possibility and are looking forward to creating a show-home on the premises that clients can visit.