Dear Ossian,
Thanks for reminding me that my mother is always with me.
Moms are with us always.  I suppose that’s part of their magic.
My moms’ name was (and in a way, still is) Theres Anna-Marie Hofer.
Try saying that with a strong swiss-european accent.
My mom showed me lots of cool and weird things.  She stuck sticks into ant hills,
and then pulled out the stick and would tell us that gorillas would lick the stick
a bit like humans would lick a popsicle. Then she suggested I try licking the stick.  
I did. She laughed.
My mom, when building the container house became quite a challenge for me,
told me to finish.  She said, “Oh, see it as an adventure!”.
I did.  It helped. 
I hope that whenever you need a boost with something difficult
in life, you’ll be able to see your life as an adventure.  And also, I hope that 
you’ll see yourself as an adventurer in the middle of it, surrounded by a lot
of loving people who are willing and happy to help you make the best of it.
And dude; your photos are too awesome.  Simply said, they are amazing.
You’ve totally out-done yourself my friend. THANK YOU a bazillion times!
I will use them on my site and in my books to help people remember that
Ossian is dreaming and building. And that they can too!
DSC_1877_picmonkeyed DSC_1900_picmonkeyed IMG_3533_picmonkeyed IMG_3543_picmonkeyed
Enjoy your beautiful and creative mind and also cherish your momma.
Be well dude. Enjoy the adventure of this day.  
And keep the sword of your mind sharp. Your heart as talkative as a parrot.
And at least one of your eyes looking for your treasure in life.
Christoph The Fox Kesting
(Your fellow adventurer, dreamer & builder).
C.Kesting & Associates
Community-Centered Container Home Construction