Is a container home a conventional home? Is it possible to create something both economical and something that boasts a high standard of living?

Yes! Absolutely.

A container home features all the comforts of home. Designed to your specifications and using the latest technologies and environmentally sound materials and building practices, the container home is a home in the truest sense. Comfortable, warm, constructed to sustain and renew those who inhabit it.

And, best of all, to build and live in a container house means that the owner can sustain a high quality of living. There is a decided economic gain to living in a container house. If you build it yourself, the house is cheaper and the mortgage lower, allowing you more discretionary income. And with that discretionary income, there is likewise the possibility of more quality time with people you love, more vacations, more adventures a higher quality of living. The perfect yin-yang of house and heart.