If you’re using a first-hand shipping container, you’re missing the point.

Let me be clear.
You’re missing the point.

Containers are an untapped manufactured resource.
There are millions of them on the planet.
Lightly used, discarded and slowly rusting…

Re-using shipping containers for housing is a powerful example of recycling, re-purposing and re-imagining a contemporary approach to living lightly in the earth.

A shipping container is full of potential.
A building block as yet untapped.

Children who play with Lego know that it is not the individual block that is beautiful, but rather how it is used, how it connects to the others. Considering the combinations, imagining the final design is more than half the fun. That it has been used before is immaterial, and in many ways makes it all the more valuable. Storied, even. That your shipping container may have visited places you have not is a bit of magic… value-added magic for your next home.

The beauty in designing with shipping containers is the time spent in revery.
… in the time spent in expressing one’s individuality.

That’s what container homes are about.
Living lightly and re-imagining potential.

Your own,
… and that of 5000 pounds of steel

What’s greener than green products?
I’ll tell you.
Taking something like a steel box
…and giving it a new home.

First hand containers are from the devil.