In my book *How To Build A Container House*, I list a dollar by dollar cost breakdown so you can make an informed budget plan for your construction project. In this blog post, I’ll share enough to get your wheels turning.  

What I discovered was that most of my expenditures were embedded in the cost to develop the process from scratch, which included a significant amount of waste due to the inefficiency of trial and error. Your costs will be lower if you apply what you learn in my book, because I talk about my costly mistakes so that others can avoid them.

A sample of rough material costs includes the following. Prices are in Canadian dollars:

  • Lumber, insulation, doors and windows, house paper, roofing, etc: $11,500
  • Finishing and interior: $11,000
  • Foundation: footings, excavation and labour (3 people for 4 days): $9,000


Here is a more detailed breakdown:

Item Cost
Pier footings $9,000
Frame $22,000
Rocket mass heater $6,000
Finishing and interior $11,000
Materials $11,500
Extras (tool rental, labour) $6,000
Moving $8,000
Total $73,500

Hot idea right off the press: Get a copy of How To Build A Container House to avoid making my costly mistakes and save yourself thousands of dollars when building your own shipping container home.