Container floor plan with 2 containers

This ‘offset-design’ is becoming popular in the container house building world.  This design allows for a larger open space in the middle.  In stead of 8 feet wide, its now suddenly 16 feet wide.  In addition, when the two rectangular boxes are off-set, they create neat alcoves and architectural features at the ends.


2 bedroom container house unit

This is a sort of container home floor plan design which we may be seeing the Vancouver Affordable Housing Association incorporating into their projects in the next few months.  It strikes me as a simple, straight-ahead approach to providing social justice housing and affordable housing to folks here at home.

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Project planning

Why have a plan? The short strokes are:  You should have a plan. What the plan looks like can be different – from a simple sketch on a napkin to pre-made downloadable blue prints to custom made building designs — but it is critically important to have and stick to the plan you have made. Risk management,…

Turkey: First FoxDen in Europe!

A builder in Turkey bought *my book* and is currently in the process of constructing a shipping container home similar to the one I built – a *”Foxden”* – for himself and his family. Here is his son and daughter with with their dog who’s name is ‘Radar’. His dedication is an inspiration to us at…

The hidden costs of building a container home

While building a shipping container home mostly presents a range of *hidden savings* there are of course costs associated with it, and some that are unique to this kind of construction.  Being informed about these costs will help you to avoid them. Keep reading to find out what they are. Unique Construction Building a container…