The book, is 112 pages of colour and how-tos.paul book 2
Step by step, I detail how to build your foundation,
how to cut your container, how to build walls and insulate.
Costs of a container home & nitty-gritty building code information.

With this book, a couple of friends over 12 weekends
can build their very own, off-grid cottage-style container house.


The book is helping people access the housing market!
AccessBuilding your own home, means that you’re earning equity and finally in the housing market game. And yes, it is a game. Container homes are trending upwards quicker than a rocket ship because it is a game-changer. Google Trends information

And despite many of my customers building off-grid container homes, municipal building code is quickly changing. Recent Vancouver container house news

Save big money

I know where to save thousands of dollars, because I researched for 2 years prior, worked with brilliant folks along the way and made mistakes. I had to revisit the drawing board a number of times. And now with this book, you won’t need to as often as I did. It shows how to save thousands of dollars by sharing my real-lived-experience.


The book is about accessing joy
Building your own home is an unparalleled adventure. It’s a social event from start to finish, one that really is not hard to do. I’ve had a handful of senior citizens build whole parts of container homes before. And when you build it yourself, you’ll be getting that deep-down satisfaction of a good-days’ work. Kids love it.


(A young customer likes knowing how to build weird things, reads the book before bed. April 25, 2016)


Now it’s your turn for an affordable eco-home
Yep. I really did build my own container house, start-to-finish. Now it’s your turn. Don’t worry! You’ll be in good company. There’s quite a community of builders out here having fun and learning with their hands. Off-grid, carbon-neutral, built with 80% repurposed materials and build-able for under $40,000.

Inside the book you’ll get all this:

  • 112 full-colour pages of clear instructions, stories & construction details
  • A whole chapter about how to earn money with a container house.
  • My unadulterated personal experience with building code officials.


Comes with our architect’s blueprints and floor-plans for your contractor
You’ll need blueprints so that your project comes in on schedule and budget.  You got to finish the job!  Let me help you with that:  The blueprints, advice and step-by-step instruction in How To Build A Container House will save you an absolute tonne of grief, time and money.2

Two book formats to choose from:
The book is offered currently at $27.00 (PDF) and $47 (in-print book which I will ship to you). The downloadable PDF (ebook) is readable on all devices and electronic gizmos in addition, it has direct links to over eleven YouTube videos of mine that show you examples of what I’m explaining in the chapters.

The print version of the book has pages that you and your children can draw-in. The print book smells nicer and really is more impressive on the coffee table or at work site. There’s really nothing like the real thing.

And and yes, for both versions, I’m offering a no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee.


Here’s how to purchase the book today:

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Join the fun, join the container home movement.


Imagine that, grand-ma brings the date-squares and you bring the hammers.

For less than a price of a drill, you’ll have an entertaining home-building guide.
A guide-book with which you and your grand-ma could build a container house!