Container Homes: The Solution to so Many Problems


Container houses are enjoying a surge in popularity -- and it's no surprise to those of us who have been behind the movement for years. What we have come to know is that container housing has great potential, and can provide solutions to a wide array of ecological, social and financial problems.



Did you know that there are 13.2 million used shipping containers in the world?  That's enough to circle the globe twice. End to end, that’s 80 000 km of shipping containers waiting to be re-used. That's 65.6 billion pounds of steel just sitting, waiting, rusting... 

This is an ecological problem that needs to be solved.



Repurposing these containers for use as houses is a natural response. Containers can be used singly or cut and combined, even stacked to create beautiful and spacious designs. There is no shortage of shipping containers waiting to be re-purposed. The demand for ecologically sound homes is on the rise and there is a groundswell of support for carbon­-conscious living. Off-grid container homes like the FoxBox meet that demand.



Did you know that at least 200 000 Canadians experience homelessness each year, and on any given night, more than 30 000 Canadians sleep outside? (As reported by the CBC).  

This is a social problem that needs to be solved.



Cities like Vancouver are actively pursuing the use of containers for socially responsive and responsible housing. Within the next 6 months, this major Canadian city is looking to construct up to 300 container houses to provide shelter to those who have none.



Did you know that more than 2 million Canadian millennials -- those ages 17 to 39 -- currently live at home? They lack the funding to be able to enter an artificially inflated housing market.

This is a financial problem that needs to be solved.



A container home is economically accessible.

For about $40 000, container homes are a cost effective way to enter the housing market. It costs less than $205 per square foot, as compared to a traditional home. Consider the impact of minimizing the economic debt-burden of young Canadians, allowing them to enter the market -- and leave their parents' basement!


Container homes. A smart solution.