A thanks & a note on sliding doors for washrooms.

A special thanks from our team to the Kaufmans in Kitchener. What an exciting project it is that we’ve completed together. We incorporated a sliding door for the washroom to facilitate wheelchair accessibility. Consider the added challenge of being in a wheelchair and needing to reach over to swing open (or closed) your washroom door.

Another note about sliding doors:  Pocket doors for washrooms are a beautiful thing because they allow one to use the walls on either side of the pocket door. Whereas sliding doors (sometimes known as a barn-door style) slide along a wall and use up that space, so that for example shelving cannot be used in that spot. For our recent F2 Urban Container House, we opted to go with a slider (opposed to a pocket door) for ease of installation and simpler access to the hinges. In the future, should anything get caught in our track, a slider is one heck of a lot simpler system to maintain and or fix.