Container floor plan with 2 containers

This ‘offset-design’ is becoming popular in the container house building world.  This design allows for a larger open space in the middle.  In stead of 8 feet wide, its now suddenly 16 feet wide.  In addition, when the two rectangular boxes are off-set, they create neat alcoves and architectural features at the ends.


2 bedroom container house unit

This is a sort of container home floor plan design which we may be seeing the Vancouver Affordable Housing Association incorporating into their projects in the next few months.  It strikes me as a simple, straight-ahead approach to providing social justice housing and affordable housing to folks here at home.

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Project planning

Why have a plan? The short strokes are:  You should have a plan. What the plan looks like can be different – from a simple sketch on a napkin to pre-made downloadable blue prints to custom made building designs — but it is critically important to have and stick to the plan you have made. Risk management,…