Australians are a rugged folk. They have endeavoured to contend with Mother Nature’s extremes since the British first sent away their bad boys. Aussies are creative — sometimes outrageously so. They have wrangled and co-opted their environment and made it habitable through sheer will.

Container homes in Australia must accommodate and address extremes in heat. Given these specific environmental realities, building code and zoning in Australia and New Zealand enjoy some flexibility. A habitable container home in Australia must absolutely accommodate the heat, but what is more inspiring is the Australian capacity to design and execute the building of these homes in creative and ecological ways.

Here’s a 20 minute building show episode of a man going from living in a tent to a beautiful shipping container home with less than $50,000 (AUS):

Australian designers and architects are making the most from their resources — and promoting ecology and economy foremost. The work of these builders is sound and strong.

Here is a video of an Australian architectural-level container construction company building a luxury house with several containers:

This is a much more complex project than my FoxDen building. But it goes to show you what can be accomplished. Beyond affordable and ecological housing, the Australians have come up with other innovative uses for shipping containers as well. Raw sewage is placed into shipping containers and left for two years.

When these containers are opened, the contents are largely inactive, having been neutralized by the combination of heat and bacteria. While it may be unsavoury, through their openness to think differently, the Australians have come up with some innovative responses to unique problems.