A shipping container home is a sound, intelligent and ecological response to the basic need for housing. Around the world, people have been adapting these versatile containers to meet the needs of their own particular communities and environments, crafting exciting and innovative spaces. In my travels – both virtual and actual – I have been inspired by the creativity and resourcefulness of container home builders around the world. In this section of ContainerHomeFox.com, you will find inspiring examples of shipping container homes and buildings from around the world.


Allow me to share…

  • Amsterdam: Shipping Container Student Dorm
  • Australia: Ecologically Oriented Shipping Container Buildings
  • Costa Rica: Shipping Container Cabinas For Beach Bums
  • London: Shipping Container City In The City
  • New Zealand: Shipping Containers For Emergency Relief And Aid
  • Toronto: Pop-Up Eateries In Shipping Containers
  • Vancouver: Shipping Containers For Social Justice