Murray Arnott is an American award-winning architect.  He really helped me out with my container house blueprints.  Here’s what he said about the project:

“I always feel both a sense of excitement and a sense of hesitation when confronted with innovative ideas such as what Christoph brought me. How cool! Is this going to waste my time?  But Christoph always seemed aware of both of these feelings within me and always responded respectfully: sharing his and others’ ideas, seeking my expertise and opinions, acknowledging the value of my time and appreciating whatever I could offer.  And THEN, he gave me a beautiful gourmet pie for Christmas just to say thanks!  I felt grateful.

These two senses continued throughout the project and were responded to in the same way.  I was left feeling my contribution was valuable, that my time was respected and that the Foxden was evolving as a cooperative venture of many hands and minds.  It has been both fun and gratifying to witness it from conception through evolution.”

M.A. December 14th.