• Think big, build small.

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Think big, build small.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Fully insulated for year round living.

Expandable. Adaptable. Simple.

The Ultimate Container Home Building Guide

After years of experience, we decided to create a guide to help builders, do-it-yourselfers, and hobbyists build a container house. Our container house guide is designed for all skills levels.

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What's in the homebuilding guide?

  • Foundations and pier footings
  • Container selection
  • How to move your shipping container
  • Zoning and building code
  • Zen Architecture and building principles
  • Reasons for building with containers
  • Landshares and passive income
  • Designing your container house
  • Blueprints and container house floorplans
  • External walls
  • Cutting openings for windows and doors
  • Floor and wall insulation
  • How to find fellow builders
  • Container house heating and rocketmass heaters
  • Building a roof-top deck
  • Building a second story
  • Beams, roofing, and green roofs
  • Project management
  • Container home costs and budgeting
  • Solar panels and electrical
  • Sanitation, toilets, plumbing, rain harvesting
  • Exterior wall insulation

"Between vision and action is the blueprint for a dream. This isn't a passive read - it's full participation"

— Peter Jack Rainbird

With equal measures of practical new world eco-business-savvy and poetic philosophy grounded with a dash of madness and pinch of humour, Christoph Kesting delivers a fine meal for those not nourished by our supersized culture. The book, is a how and why- to treatise for those perhaps looking to tread more lightly and wanting to experience their very own tiny slice of Waldon Pond.

- Jeffrey Paul, Architect

9 Critical Steps for Zoning and Building Code Approval

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